Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Saturday in a Nutshell...

This is the first year since I began blogging in 2009 that I have totally missed posting during an entire month. What happened?  June happened.  And it was awesome...God directed...and totally on the go.  Someday I hope to catch up on posts with June's grand adventures, but today is about yesterday.
It can be summed up pretty well with a few words and a few more pics.
Early morning Walmart run to prepare for a new week...newness with the workout/healthy eating routine begins Monday.
Office runs...Atlanta and Byron. Business is going strong. God is good.
Me time: long overdue pedi for this gal while Scott was busy at the office.
Drive to and from Byron = traffic jams
Evening spent at Piedmont Park at the Atlanta Street Food Festival.
Once home, sat down to shell out freshly picked pecans from yesterday, which happens to be National Pecan Pie Day.
Which is why the final deed of my Saturday was baking a pecan pie with those newly shelled pecans.

driving into the city Atlanta Street Food Festival Best fried pickles EVER by Freckled & Blue my favorite decorated food truck The Fry Guy - voted best food truck 2014 williams bros bbq City view from Piedmont Park free food Happy Nat'l Pecan Pie Day!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Birthday!

May 31st
Happy Birthday!
2014-05-11 002 010
Best blueberry pancakes in Atlanta @ Manuel's Tavern.
2014-05-11 002 012
Enjoying a surprise at Alex's baseball game.
2014-05-11 002 038
Birthday Pizza Pie
blue eyed gift

it's almost here

May 29th & 30th

2014-05-11 001 392
The daisies are showing off for my birthday.
2014-05-11 001 394
Cutest little towel monster ever!
2014-05-11 001 450
Never fails to rain when I am out shopping.
2014-05-11 001 446
What can I say...they had a sale.

dive in

May 28th (I cannot believe it's July and I am playing catch up from my birthday season...*sigh*)
Today was all about preparing to have our youth group over for the first dive in of the summer.  They not only dive in to God's Word, but they get to dive in to the pool and the food provided for dinner.  Seems they enjoyed all three.
I had to laugh after everyone left and I had washed all the plastic cups.
I guess I am a product of the habits of those who have gone before me. 2014-05-11 001 369

Saturday, May 31, 2014

blue eyes

Tuesday, May 27th
The gift today had for me came in the presence of an almost 5 year old and watching my boys play with him.
So much preciousness!

blue eyes

long road home

workout complete; swim timeMonday, May 26th
Happy Memorial Day!
Roadtripping it home this day.  
Thankful for the gifts of safety, great traveling boys, and home!
Got in my workout not too long after we unloaded the van (which was a workout in and of itself).

all in the family

Sunday, May 25th
This afternoon after church and the Indy 500, the fam went fishing together.  So. much. fun!
These are some of the catches of the day...

all in the family

Today's gifts: family, fish, and fun!